Virtual Blue – Trespasser in Multifamily Garage
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Virtual Blue – Trespasser in Multifamily Garage

Virtual Blue – Trespasser in Multifamily Garage

In various weather conditions, such as cold winters or rainy summers, homeless individuals often seek shelter to escape the elements. Unfortunately, multifamily communities are frequently targeted by these trespassers who often will go undetected as they enter.

The presence of unauthorized visitors not only makes residents feel highly uncomfortable, but if left unaddressed, it can lead to additional incidents such as car break-ins, bike theft, and property damage, among other things. As a result, residents experience discomfort, leading to a decrease in resident renewals and an increase in vacant units. This ultimately has a direct impact on the financial bottom line.

Around midnight, Virtual Blue Operators were monitoring a customer’s parking garage when they noticed an individual tailgating through the vehicle gate. The operators promptly identified this as a violation and observed that the person seemed to be carrying several belongings. Aware of the high homeless population in the neighborhood, the operators closely monitored the individual’s movements as they entered the parking garage and laid down their belongings, subsequently sitting down outside an access controlled door.

The operators swiftly activated an audio speaker located inside the parking garage to notify the trespasser that they were in a monitored area and needed to leave. Upon hearing the announcement, the individual immediately stood up and gathered their belongings. While doing so, the trespasser was observed yelling back at the speaker through which the operators were communicating.

Using other cameras within the garage, the operators tracked the individual as they walked toward the exit. Just before leaving, the trespasser was observed throwing an object in the direction of the camera and speaker. Fortunately, their aim was off, and the object missed its mark without causing any damage. The individual was then seen exiting the parking garage.

This incident highlights the critical importance of implementing a reliable and effective surveillance system. The presence of audio speakers provides an immediate intervention tool to address unwanted activity. While it is impossible to prevent all crimes, their impact can be minimized. With Virtual Blue, no suspicious activity goes unnoticed.

About Virtual Blue:
Virtual Blue Monitoring, a leading provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions monitored by human operators, designs customized monitoring strategies to address a wide range of incidents affecting customer sites. These incidents encompass vehicle break-ins, bike thefts, trespassing by vagrants, and violations in amenity spaces during after-hours to name a few. By combining video monitoring with audio speakers, security response, and law enforcement coordination, Virtual Blue offers comprehensive and effective coverage for your property at a reduced cost compared to traditional options. It seamlessly integrates with your existing camera infrastructure.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs to implement a dependable surveillance system. Contact Virtual Blue Monitoring today to discover how we can safeguard your property and prevent crime.