Virtual Blue Monitoring Stops Auto-Burglary in Progress
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Virtual Blue Monitoring Stops Auto-Burglary in Progress

Virtual Blue Monitoring Stops Auto-Burglary in Progress

Vehicle break-ins pose a significant threat to multifamily communities, causing harm to residents’ well-being and sense of security while also generating negative publicity through news coverage and unfavorable Google reviews.

Unfortunately, apartment parking garages and lots have become prime targets for these high-profile crimes. These areas often lack adequate lighting, are secluded, and receive minimal traffic during the nighttime hours. Consequently, without an effective security strategy in place, criminals have ample time to wander around, searching for valuable items or unlocked vehicles.

Implementing Virtual Blue’s advanced video monitoring system is a proactive approach to ensure your community has a reliable security solution in place, effectively preventing these negative incidents from impacting your community.

Around 3 a.m., Virtual Blue monitoring operators observed a vehicle entering the parking lot. The occupant emerged from the car and engaged in suspicious behavior, wandering through the property, and inspecting parked vehicles.

Promptly recognizing the suspicious activity, the operators alerted the police. The suspect was observed attempting multiple vehicle doors, entering some of them, and even stealing a bicycle. While maintaining communication with the police, our operator provided real-time updates, reporting an ongoing auto-burglary incident. Responding swiftly, the police, aided by location information from Virtual Blue operators, located and apprehended the suspect.

This incident underscores the critical importance of having a reliable and effective surveillance system in place. While it’s impossible to prevent all crimes, their impact can be minimized. With Virtual Blue, no suspicious activity goes unnoticed.

About Virtual Blue:

Virtual Blue Monitoring, a leading provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions monitored by human operators, designs customized monitoring strategies to address a wide range of incidents affecting customer sites. These incidents encompass vehicle break-ins, bike thefts, trespassing by vagrants, and violations in amenity spaces during after-hours to name a few. By combining video monitoring with audio speakers, security response, and law enforcement coordination, Virtual Blue offers comprehensive and effective coverage for your property at a reduced cost compared to traditional options. It seamlessly integrates with your existing camera infrastructure.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs to implement a dependable surveillance system. Contact Virtual Blue Monitoring today to discover how we can safeguard your property and prevent crime.