Virtual Blue Monitoring Stops Active Burglary in Parking Garage
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Virtual Blue Monitoring Stops Active Burglary in Parking Garage

Virtual Blue Monitoring Stops Active Burglary in Parking Garage

Parking garages provide a secluded and often quiet location for would-be criminals to attack.  Typically throughout the overnight hours, parking garages are not heavily traveled by residents and, without the proper security strategy in place, can give criminals time not to be detected to look for vehicles to burglarize.

Around 2 am, Virtual Blue Operators were diligently monitoring an apartment community when their attention was drawn to three individuals displaying suspicious behavior. The trio had entered through a door and propped it open, arousing suspicion. The operators continued to observe their actions as they proceeded to the parking garage, systematically checking every vehicle for unlocked doors.

Fortunately, the parking garage was equipped with audio speakers linked to Virtual Blue’s security system. Without hesitation, the operators activated the speakers and conveyed a clear message to the suspects, notifying them they were being monitored and the police were on the way. Immediately, the suspects reacted by fleeing the parking garage and leaving the community.

Virtual Blue vs. Traditional Security Measures

This incident underscores the significance of implementing a dependable security system, particularly in parking garages prone to theft and burglary. Traditional security guards face limitations, as they can only be present in one location at a time. Even the most vigilant security guard at a sizable multifamily community may be occupied patrolling amenity spaces or the perimeter while criminals gain unauthorized access to the parking garage and commit vehicle break-ins.

Virtual Blue has designed a comprehensive monitoring system capable of overseeing an entire community simultaneously, detecting suspicious activities, and promptly taking preventive action, such as averting auto burglaries.

The effectiveness of audio speakers in this specific situation is noteworthy. By alerting the suspects of their observation and the involvement of law enforcement, Virtual Blue operators successfully deterred them from continuing their criminal endeavors. This exemplifies how technology can enhance security measures and deter crime.

Typically, Virtual Blue’s monitoring solution proves to be 40-60% less expensive than traditional security services. In this case, the Virtual Blue monitoring system played a crucial role in stopping an ongoing burglary in the parking garage. The operators’ swift response and the utilization of audio speakers effectively discouraged the suspects, preventing further damage or theft. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of implementing a reliable security system to safeguard our communities.

About Virtual Blue:

Virtual Blue Monitoring, a leading provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions monitored by human operators, designs customized monitoring strategies to address a wide range of incidents affecting customer sites. These incidents encompass vehicle break-ins, bike thefts, trespassing by vagrants, and violations in amenity spaces during after-hours to name a few. By combining video monitoring with audio speakers, security response, and law enforcement coordination, Virtual Blue offers comprehensive and effective coverage for your property at a reduced cost compared to traditional options. It seamlessly integrates with your existing camera infrastructure.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs to implement a dependable surveillance system. Contact Virtual Blue Monitoring today to discover how we can safeguard your property and prevent crime.