Virtual Blue Monitoring Prevents Attempted Burglary
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Virtual Blue Monitoring Prevents Attempted Burglary

Virtual Blue Monitoring Prevents Attempted Burglary

At Virtual Blue, our top priority is to ensure the safety and security of the properties under our watchful eye. We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art monitoring systems and our dedicated team of operators who tirelessly strive to thwart ongoing criminal activities. Particularly when a group of criminals attempts to enter a parking garage, swift action is imperative to prevent any unnecessary damage from taking place.

During the early hours of the morning, our operators received an alert about a group of individuals entering a property on foot. The incident was captured in real-time, enabling operators to closely scrutinize the activity for any signs of suspicious behavior. The surveillance cameras closely followed the movement of the group as they made their way towards the property’s parking garage and subsequently to the upper floors.

The group’s actions were then observed as they emerged from the stairwell and began examining parked vehicles. Our operators witnessed the suspects attempting to gain entry into several of these vehicles.

With the safety of the property and its occupants as their top concern, the operators promptly activated the speakers strategically placed within the parking garage. This allowed them to directly communicate with the suspects, informing them that their presence constituted trespassing and that they were required to vacate the premises immediately.

Upon hearing the authoritative message resonating from the speakers, the suspects realized that their presence had been detected, effectively thwarting their plans. In a panicked response, each individual hastily fled the parking garage. The entire incident was meticulously captured by our surveillance cameras, providing us with detailed documentation to share with both the police and the customer.

Thanks to the swift and proactive intervention of Virtual Blue Security Solutions, this attempted burglary was averted prior to any property damage or theft occurring. The operators’ ability to activate the speakers and directly communicate with the suspects played an instrumental role in deterring their illicit activities. The incident serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our monitoring solutions in maintaining a secure environment.

About Virtual Blue:

Virtual Blue Monitoring, a distinguished provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions overseen by human operators, specializes in devising tailored monitoring strategies to address a wide spectrum of incidents affecting customer sites. These incidents encompass scenarios such as vehicle break-ins, bicycle thefts, unauthorized trespassing, and after-hours violations in amenity spaces, among others. By seamlessly integrating video monitoring with audio speakers, security response, and law enforcement coordination, Virtual Blue delivers comprehensive and potent coverage for your property at a reduced cost compared to conventional alternatives. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing camera infrastructure.

Don’t wait for an incident to transpire before implementing a reliable surveillance system. Contact Virtual Blue Monitoring today to discover how we can fortify your property and preempt criminal activities.