Virtual Blue Monitoring Identifies Trespassers and Gets Them to Leave
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Virtual Blue Monitoring Identifies Trespassers and Gets Them to Leave

Virtual Blue Monitoring Identifies Trespassers and Gets Them to Leave

As a manager of a multifamily community, it is likely that you have encountered challenges related to unauthorized guests entering the property. This issue tends to vary throughout the year, often influenced by changing weather conditions. Regardless of the reasons behind it, the presence of these unauthorized guests raises safety concerns for residents and can result in a decline in resident satisfaction levels.

This video shows several instances where Virtual Blue detected homeless individuals loitering around several multifamily communities.  The most common locations include stairwells and vestibules, particularly vestibules that are not access controlled on the exterior.  In each incident, Virtual Blue’s trained operators were immediately alerted as they entered and were able to use the audio speakers to announce to the trespassers that they were being monitored and that they needed to leave the property immediately.

Access Control

Although access control is crucial in preventing unauthorized entry, it has certain vulnerabilities. Certain areas, like shared public and private parking garages, require public access, and fire exit regulations also limit security measures. Additionally, individuals often gain entry by following closely behind residents, exploiting this weakness.

Audio Speakers

The use of audio speakers is particularly effective in these types of situations. By making announcements to the trespassers, the Virtual Blue operators were able to deter them from continuing their activity and prevent any further incidents from occurring. This serves as a notable example of how Virtual Blue can assist multifamily communities in addressing unauthorized visitor concerns.

Virtual Blue Monitoring offers an efficient solution specifically tailored for multifamily communities seeking to tackle the issue of unauthorized visitors. The system aids in detecting and deterring trespassers, enhancing safety and security, and ultimately safeguarding the community’s financial well-being. By investing in a reliable security system like Virtual Blue, multifamily communities can establish a secure and comfortable living environment for their residents.

About Virtual Blue:

Virtual Blue Monitoring, a leading provider of AI-powered video surveillance solutions monitored by human operators, designs customized monitoring strategies to address a wide range of incidents affecting customer sites. These incidents encompass vehicle break-ins, bike thefts, trespassing by vagrants, and violations in amenity spaces during after-hours to name a few. By combining video monitoring with audio speakers, security response, and law enforcement coordination, Virtual Blue offers comprehensive and effective coverage for your property at a reduced cost compared to traditional options. It seamlessly integrates with your existing camera infrastructure.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs to implement a dependable surveillance system. Contact Virtual Blue Monitoring today to discover how we can safeguard your property and prevent crime.