Our Solution
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Our Solution

Stay One Step Ahead With Virtual Blue’s Intelligent Video Monitoring.

Intelligent monitoring is a fusion of live video and event based video monitoring that helps provide a higher level of coverage with the intention of leaving little to no vulnerabilities for crime to occur without going noticed.

Lower Your Costs and Mitigate Security Risks – All eyes on Crime

Virtual Blue’s Intelligent Monitoring Services decreases the cost of traditional guard and roving patrol security solutions. It’s also a great alternative solution for a security guard or can be a beneficial complement to your traditional guard. 


Virtual Blue provides a proactive solution to improve threat detection and police response. Our Intelligent Monitoring Services help decrease common threats like

  • Property crime
  • Drug and or violent crime 
  • Quality of life issues
  • And More

How It Works

We integrate with your current camera system with powerful artificial intelligence to protect your assets. Our trained operators interpret alerts and when merited notify the authorities.


With intelligent video monitoring’s artificial intelligence, you can have consistent monitoring of your asset. We’re always watching so you don’t have to, thus limiting common issues seen in the security industry, including human fatigue, labor shortages, and more.


At Virtual Blue, we view security as a holistic approach. Everyone’s security needs ebbs and flows. It’s not one solution that fixes it all so we have several channel networks of various different add-ons to help our customers enhance their surveillance program.

Security - Alarm Response Services

Our network of security guard partners provides as-needed security alarm response.  This allows our customers to have access to an on-site response no matter the size of the issue and only pay for the services that they use.  Our network of providers allows our Monitoring Operators to find the closest local security guard, ultimately shortening response time to ensure the issue is quickly addressed.

Audio Talk-Down Speakers

Video surveillance systems are traditionally used as a tool to monitor and provide video-based evidence after a crime occurs, but if you are looking to use your surveillance system to proactively deter incidents before they happen, talk-down audio systems can be great for issuing warnings either automatically or manually. This can be a highly effective enhancement to video surveillance

You do not have to swap out your current camera system or your current cameras in order to incorporate our speakers. Our speakers are additional assets that we install onsite and connect directly into our software.

Security - On Site Guard Services

Our proud network of security guard services allows us to provide on-site security guard services specifically tailored to your need. Through these strategic partnerships, we can intervene before a crime is committed by sending a guard directly to that suspicious activity. Having this physical presence on site is a great solution for both reactive and proactive security solutions.

Security Camera Installation/Re Positioning Services

Whether you have an existing security camera system installed or need to reposition your cameras to be more proactive for vulnerable areas of crime, we assess your system, make adjustments and thanks to our partner network of installers, we can also provide equipment as necessary.

License Plate Recognition

Our license plate readers will help identify a vehicle even if you cannot see the driver. We use special optical software to help capture characters on a license plate for vehicles traveling up to 25 miles per hour, with an accuracy level of 96%.

Our Monitoring Process: Detect, Review, Act, Report.

When you choose Virtual Blue, you get a team of experts and innovative technology designed to defend your assets. 

Our Monitoring Process


Activity captured by your cameras triggers an event, which is sent directly to our monitoring operator.


A highly skilled Virtual Blue Operator reviews the event to determine what actions need to be taken.


Operators notify, update, and direct the proper authorities to the suspect and/or activate the onsite speaker(s) to directly intervene in the criminal or suspicious activity.


All data and videos are compiled into a detailed report for management and law enforcement.

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