How We Work
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How We Work

Our Process

Step One: Community Specific Security Assessment

We come in and assess the exact needs of the property. So is there a parking garage? Is it a surface parking lot? Are there amenity areas? What do the access points look like? Is it gated? We look at all of these factors to determine if our solution is going to be successful.

Step Two: Area Trend Analysis

Before we market our service in a particular area, we know what kind of crime is that area facing? Is it a violent crime? Is it an auto, is it a property crime? Is it just a quality of life issue? What is the issues there? And we combine that with step one and step two, to really understand at the core, what are the needs of this asset and what do we need to put together?

Step Three: Making Security Recommendations

Our team of experts provide strategic recommendations followed by our service implementation.

Step Four: Holistic Security Implementation

Folllowing steps one through three this step triggers the remaining revolving process. We implement our recommendations in an organized fashion in order to provide a service to the customer that is going to be effective.

Step Five: Real-time Visibility/Access

This next step is designed to provide you real-time access and visibility to the reporting in our system.

Step Six: Data and Trend Analysis

During our data and trend analysis, we may determine that updates are required to your program. We continue to audit, interpret and adjust, and we make adjustments based on what the data tells us.

Step Seven: Audit, Interpret, Adjust

After the data has spoken to us, we make recommendations and implement changes as needed (revert to Step Four). And then it just begins the cycle again to ensure that we're providing the highest quality of service to the customer.

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