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Frequently Asked Questions

 Intelligent Video Monitoring Services

What is Intelligent Video Monitoring?

Intelligent Video Monitoring combines your traditional camera hardware with our advanced cloud-based analytics.  From there, our team of trained experts review video Alerts to ensure that nothing on your site goes unnoticed.  

What issues are you designed to handle?

Virtually any security or quality-of-life issues affecting your site.  Everything from auto theft and auto break-ins to loitering and tailgating in gates or doors. We also help with other administrative-type issues ensuring you, the customer is aware of what’s happening on your site.

How much does your service cost?

It’s based on several factors but let us provide you with a free security assessment and proposal for you to review. If you’re currently using on-site security guards or looking to expand your security footprint to include on-site security guards we’re right for you. Commonly we are 50% to 60% less expensive than traditional onsite security services. 

What exactly is it that you do?

It’s simple, we give time back to our customers. The time that would otherwise be spent handling security problems, reviewing video footage, dealing with local law enforcement, handling resident complaints, fixing damaged property and any other associated issues that distract teams from their primary job function.

Do you review video footage if we have an incident?

We do. Our team is available to help review videos of any type of incident whether it’s during our monitoring hours or not. Not only do we review footage but our software is designed to make a video review quick and simple.

Can you help?

Well maybe. Our services are not a blanket one size fits all. We offer tailored solutions for our customers. If you are spending thousands of dollars a month on a standing guard and you have an exterior area such as a parking garage or lot that needs to be secured, let us know and we’re happy to assess your system.

Does this make sense for me?

If you’re currently having security issues, struggling with vendor accountability, high liability, looking to enhance the value of your asset, concerned with how much you are spending on security, or just struggling to have somebody staff your post then there’s a good chance we are for you.  With the advancement of PropTech, our model aligns with yours. 

 Security Cameras 

Do we need to install your cameras to use your service?

Absolutely not. Our software is designed to make your current cameras smarter and work proactively for you. Our team of solution experts evaluates your current camera system to see if there are any vulnerabilities or lack of clarity that could lead to issues. From there we make recommendations that are best suited for you, the customer, and the budget.

How is this different from what I already have in place?

We view cameras as a proactive resource rather than a reactive one.  All too commonly, cameras are installed to review after an incident has occurred.  We stand firm in our belief that cameras are a tool, that when used proactively, radically enhance the effectiveness of any security strategy. This saves our customers money on their monthly expenses and by reducing the negative financial impact crime and quality of life issues have on their bottom lines.

Additional Services

Speakers - How do they work and can you add them to our site?

Our team is able to attach audio transmit speakers to virtually any system.  No need to change cameras or replace what is already there.  Our Monitoring Operators are then able to immediately provide Audio Intervention Announcements anytime crime is detected.

I currently use roving patrol‘s, is this design to replace roving patrol?

It depends. Roving patrol‘s do an excellent job of providing your residents with access to a physical security guard at an economical cost. But purely because of the design of the model it leaves your property extremely vulnerable. With Virtual Blue’s Intelligent Video Monitoring, we provide true blanketed coverage for your asset, oftentimes at a lower cost than roving patrols.

Do you have partnerships with local law-enforcement?

Yes. We provide video verified alerts to local law enforcement ensuring we get the quickest response time possible. Law enforcement knows when they get a call from Virtual Blue that the crime is about to happen or happening currently.

Do you provide signage?

Yes, we do. While signage alone is not enough to deter crime, it does make an impact.  We ensure your site is equipped with signage alerting potential criminals to the presence of our Intelligent Video Monitoring.